Termites vs Carpenter AntsWhat's the difference?

If you thought this was going to be easy, think again! The truth is, unless you're a professional, it's extremely difficult to tell the difference between these two menaces. And knowing which pest is destroying your property is critical in determining the method of treatment to use.

An Argonaut pest control technician will be able to identify your problem right away, but, if you can't wait that long, here's a quick lesson on how to recognize your uninvited guests.

A typical "worker" carpenter ant looks like an overgrown version of the little pesky critters that are notorious for ruining family picnics. Note the long, "elbowed" antennae, three-section body, and narrow waist.

The "worker" termite looks much less like a giant ant, with its broad waistline, cream- colored, two-section body, and shorter, curved antennae.

Carpenter Ant


The swarming members of each species have two sets of wings. However, the ant's wings vary in length, while the termite's wings are the same size. All other body features are essentially the same.

While both carpenter ants and termites do most of their damage inside walls, under floorboards, and other places they can't be seen, there are some tell-tale signs you can look for around your home.

Carpenter ants are not "shy" creatures. You can usually spot them cruising around your property looking for trouble. And when they're at work hollowing out your beams, you'll often find piles of fine wood shavings to mark the spot.

Termites are easier to spot when they are swarming. Once they shed their wings, you'll find them in piles around the garage, basement, or other areas of the house. Also look for "tunnels" in your beams, particularly those that are exposed to moisture, and feel around for soft, crumbly wood.

Once you've determined which pest you've got, the only way to effectively deal with the problem is to call a professional pest control service. Argonaut has been treating Long Island homes and businesses for termites and carpenter ants for over forty years.

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